Friday, July 15, 2016

Day 8

Hi there, it's Riley! We're sorry about the lack of blogging these past couple days. It's been pretty crazy for us here in Montreal. But I'd love to tell you about our Wednesday #drimetime.
So we were split into two groups based on which dramas we knew and then we were sent to different spots in the city to present! Drime wasn't something that most of us saw as something we were comfortable with. It's not what you would call a subtle ministry. However, as the day went on we performed in the blistering heat and had some amazing encounters with God, the people of Montreal, and each other.
And so in the evening, we asked our students what was one bloggable moment of their days. Here are their answers:
-Jordan got to feed a homeless man lunch.
-Carleigh had tons of fun on our escapade in the metro with singing, dancing and rapping included.
-Jess loved the dance parties during public worship and Levi's grandpa inspired dance moves.
-Jenna said that her knees got roasted on the sidewalk during the drimes.
-Cara said that she loved being a part of the public worship in the park.
-Jamie loved having the opportunity to talk with some people from "Doctors without borders" and learn about them. She also befriended a couple dogs named Chenelle and Bonjour.
-Adrielle claims that she's a gangster now.
-Abby wanted to highlight the amazing/loud singing on the metro that our team participated in.
-Erica wanted me to quote that "Rie Bread hit the dab" as well as "Lendog do it for Abe and Er Bud".
-Georgia approached a lady in the park to chat but sadly she only spoke Russian.
-Camille didn't  think that people woild respond to the drimes but was so excited when they did.
-Abe said that  God gave her courage to approach, talk, and pray with strangers.
-Curtis says that the french girls keep saying no.
-Justin says that he loves walking because he feels like he's going somewhere.
-Graham is pumped that he met the great value version of Ed Sheeran
-Ryan says vitamin c is life
-Reiss #alive&authentic

So I believe that it's quite apparent to everyone that we all had diverse experiences throughout Montreal.

Thanks for reading and checking in on us. Stay awesome.

The SOAR team :)

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  1. So appreciating your blogging! Praying for your continued high spirits, energy and health!