Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 4 Con't

I am writing this to you on the side of the oratory. I am sitting on the lawn, waiting for all our joggers who decided to run up the staira before bed. There are a lot of stairs. A lot. Kurt led us in many stretches beforehand. Abe has a video I'm hoping to post. We were limber and ready to go. I mean, they were ready to go. Running, pfft. I've had enough leg days to last a month. We live on the fourth floor and worship in the basement.

Today was an amazing day. We learned about a bunch of different ways we'll be serving the community. One of our missions is a thing called Drime. It's acting out stories that show God to people through a sort of dance and music. It's actually really fun, and some of us are really good at it!

We found a piano on the street today. I found some chords online, Kurt started playing, and we worshipped in the street. It was just what we needed. People gathered around us to watch and listen. Riley had a really cool experience speaking to a lady named Sylvie in French!

We took some extra team time to just lay in the grass and hang out. We have made nicknames for everyone. Here a few.

Georgia-g raffe g cat
Curtis- C-Lion
Kurt- Brother Koarch (whisper soft r)
Erica- Er-bud
Abby- Abe, Ab-dog
Steve- Reverend Rat Dog, aka Rev Rat
Cara- Care bear
Brooklyn- Big Brook Dog, aka BBD
Adrielle- Elroy