Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 5 Still so Sweaty

Hey guys this is Jenna! We've had some amazing experiences and have learned many new things recently during our time in Montreal. Our theme for the week has been venturing into unchareted territory and I guess this is a way for me to venture into my uncharted territory because i'm not very "gung ho" into writing...Yesterday many of us experimented with acting. This scared most of us,but surprisingly alot of us really enjoyed what we learned and were able to have fun. As as a group we have also learned that after this trip our legs will be looking pretty good due to climbing 4 floors of stairs ( 94 steps) everyday. And if you think we don't love steps enough, someone thought it would be a great idea that before bed we should run up the the Basilica stairs. I think most of us pulled multiple musscles, however the view was amazing! Hope you enjoed my little blurb, jenna 

Back to Brooklyn here! We spent the morning at Mount Royal Park. We focused on prayer. It was nice to walk around in the city and feel the breeze. We got to go off on our own in the park and spend some time listening.

We got back for lunch, and we've split off into our groups for our ministry portion.

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