Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 2, Part Deux (We so French)

We are getting used to this place. We have mastered the metro, braved the rain, and worshipped in the Hottest basement. But we're staying positive. The food's been weird (today for supper was chicken with cheese curds, gravy, and apples. Weird.), but we're being fed. We are a solid, united team, and we just like being with each other. Whatever comes at us, we've got  God and each other.

We had 2 MacDonald's stops today. It was neccesary to dry off every few hours. I think I complained the most about being wet. I am so impressed with our students ability to charge into any situation and own it. Through long waits, unexpected obstacles, and a new culture, we're finding a balance between being ourselves and respecting our surrounding. For example, one of the rules here is no hanging shirts on the windowsill. However, there is no rule about purchasing a used air conditioner off kijiji and perching it in the windowsill. Shhh. Probably an unwritten rule.

We're off to sleep now. Hope all is well at home. Check out the pictures from our day! I'm on my phone, so I don't know how to label the pictures...

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  1. Hi guys. Love all the big smiles and that cool pic with the blue umbrella in the background! You guys are real problem solvers. Buying a used air conditioner off of kijiji...that's great! Those are stories that you ll have to tell your children. Lol. Thinking about you all and praying for your safety and that you ll continue to be drawn closer to God and each other! You are such an awesome group of people. Take care!