Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Hello! This is Brooklyn, youth leader and now, blogger. I will be teaming up with Jenna and Camille to bring our trip to you! Welcome to the blog following our adventures as we head out to Montreal to serve in their SOAR program. Having had so much success in Winnipeg's program, we want to stretch ourselves and explore our relationship with God in a new environment. SOAR Montreal has a lot of new experiences to offer us. We're heading into a city where most of us don't speak the language, where Christianity, and religion in general, is not popular. We're going to be away from home from 10 days; some of us have never flown before! As you read this blog, keep us in your prayers for this time.

Please pray for energy, good health, and open hearts. I am so excited to be heading out in a mere 16 days!! We've been meeting as a team over the past few months. On our camping trip we really solidified ourselves as a team. While we may not know completely what we're getting into, we've got each other, and God is with us as we go to Montreal.

I'd like to introduce you to the faces that you're going to be praying for. Here's a picture taken on our fundraising lunch day.

We're missing three of our lovely leaders in this picture. We've got Kurt Willems, Levi Willems, and Trish Neudorf joining our team as well. I think we're ready to go!

Feel free to follow along as we go, you won't want to miss out!

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